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ICCR Unveils 2nd Pratibha Sangam Competition: A Global Showcase of Indian Culture

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), the esteemed cultural arm of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, continues its tireless efforts to propagate the richness of Indian culture across the globe. This time, in recognition of the profound connections that individuals from diverse corners of the world share with India and its cultural heritage, ICCR is launching the 2nd Pratibha Sangam Competition – a magnificent global event.

Under the august umbrella of ICCR, this competition invites talented performers from around the world to showcase their prowess in the classical realms of Indian Music and Dance. A panel of eminent experts, comprising leading luminaries from India’s performing arts scene, will preside as the discerning jury.

The competition promises an opportunity like no other: winners shall be extended an exclusive invitation to India, where they will dazzle audiences with live performances at prestigious events meticulously organized in the heart of the nation.

Prepare to witness a mesmerizing celebration of Indian culture transcending borders and connecting hearts at the 2nd Pratibha Sangam Competition


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