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Embarking on Your Academic Journey in India: Advice from Peers and Alumni

Embarking on Your Academic Journey in India: Advice from Peers and Alumni

Congratulations to all the students venturing into their educational journey in India. With Study in India’s streamlined college and course selection process, you can put your worries to rest and take a deep breath. As you commence this exciting academic adventure, our team is dedicated to providing unwavering support at every step to ensure your success. Here, we offer some inspiring advice from your peers and alumni to make your experience even more remarkable.


Trust the Process


Now that you’ve made the decision to study abroad, be confident about it. Studying abroad enhances your cross-cultural communication skills, adaptability to challenging situations, international exposure, and future employability. It all begins by following some straightforward procedures.


Take it from Mohammad Shahidul Islam Pranto from Bangladesh, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He shares, “It was a splendid experience with Study in India. First of all, the application procedure was quite easy due to the simple and precise website interface. The Study in India staff always provided important information by sending notices to students through different mediums. The selection process was transparent. After the results, Study in India became a stable bridge between us – the students and the universities.” With a smooth admission process, Mohammad feels grateful for this opportunity and hopes to enjoy thriving campus life in India when the situation normalizes.


Umutijima Shyaka Odette from Rwanda shares her experience of needing financial assistance and finding a solution through Study in India. “The Study in India team helped me with everything and solved every doubt I had regarding the processes. I secured the needed help and started classes that have been amazing and fun so far,” says Umutijima. Her advice is to trust the process and remain focused on achieving your goals.


Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help


Starting fresh in a completely new environment can be overwhelming. We suggest that you take the time to acquaint yourself with the resources available at your college. Do not feel that asking for help equates to failure. The faculty at our affiliate colleges are experienced and knowledgeable, and building genuine relationships with them will help you receive a lot of guidance.


Hares Fedaee from Afghanistan, a step closer to achieving his dream of becoming a civil engineer, attests to this. “The environment, faculty, and education system over here are far better, and I am looking forward to completing my graduation and pursuing further studies in India,” says Hares.


Even Acquah James Freeman from Ghana has only positive things to say about his experience. “Study in India has the best and flexible mode of application, which is free. I have already started my classes. The lecturers and fellow students have a great sense of humor. With lectures always being on point, regular, and punctual, the lecturers have full control over the courses they teach and they come down to the level of students to clear all doubts.” He counts himself privileged to be a student at a premier academic institute and highly recommends incoming students.


Reach Out and Form New Friendships


To enjoy college life to the fullest, it is necessary to open yourself up to interacting with as many people as possible and activate your untapped potential. Try putting in the effort to befriend your peers as they can be a strong support system for you and motivate you to excel academically.


Pratiyush Sah from Nepal echoes the same belief. Despite being enrolled quite late, his experience has been exceptional ever since he joined the classes. “Having missed one-quarter of the course, I was anxious about how I would cope up with my peers. But, with all the old lectures and study materials available to me, I was able to catch up on the portions that I missed and also bonded well with my classmates in the process,” says Pratiyush. He anticipates this journey to be more exciting and value-adding to his overall growth in the upcoming days with the opportunities provided by Study in India.


Grace Amarachi Ugwuaneke from Nigeria says, “It has been a pleasant experience. Despite the fact that we are all from different races, cultures, and ethnicities, we were treated like one family and given all the support when needed.” The support from faculty and friends paved the way for Grace to achieve all her dreams and goals.


Learn to Adapt


The education sector in India continues to embrace digitalization, and the mantra is to adapt and not shy away from new challenges. Utilize all the resources at your disposal and set up a functional study space to help you concentrate. Make sure to communicate with your professors and actively participate and work together with classmates on group assignments. Hear it from Julius Kinyua Wanjau from Kenya who says, “The classes are well-conducted by friendly lecturers, and the website portals are convenient to use.”


Rahaf Hashim Ibrahim from Sudan shares, “We did not face any problems during online lessons. The teachers are nice and support an excellent style of teaching where everything is organized and made easy.”


“The lecturers ensure that no one is lagging behind in their studies. They make sure that our classes aren’t hectic,” says Pema Wangmo from Bhutan as she is excited about her educational journey in India.


Learn the Local Language


To ease daily activities, connect with locals, form lifelong friendships with your peers, and expand your skills, you should try to learn the local language. Practice the local language, even outside your classrooms, with an aim to be fluent at it.


Despite these trying times, you can make the most of your study abroad experience if you follow the above advice, tried and tested by your peers and alumni. By opening yourself up to possibilities and grabbing every opportunity, you will gain many new and enriching experiences and be able to look back at them fondly.


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