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The Centre for Contemporary Indian Studies (CCIS)

The Centre for Contemporary Indian Studies (CCIS)

 About CCIS

Promoting Research and Knowledge on Contemporary India

The Centre for Contemporary Indian Studies (CCIS) is a multidisciplinary research Centre to promotes activities connected with developing knowledge in Sri Lanka on contemporary studies in India and strengthening the Indo-Lanka relationship through an institutionalized network between the two countries.   It is the only research institution in Sri Lanka dedicated to the study of contemporary India. The CCIS was established in 2012 under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the High Commission of India in Sri Lanka and the University of Colombo. The Centre functions under the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) for academic and administrative matters and it is also linked with other faculties through its Advisory Board and Management Board.

India and Sri Lanka are connected through social, religious, linguistic, cultural, economic, and strategic ties that date back several centuries. However, it is realized that significantly less importance has been placed on the study of contemporary developments and changes in India. By realizing that such research and study undertaken at Sri Lanka’s seat of higher learning will play an important role in guiding and strengthening the social and economic development of the country and existing bonds of friendship between India and Sri Lanka, this Centre for Contemporary Indian Studies will serve to deepen the understanding of contemporary India in Sri Lanka.

The chief function of the Centre is to provide an intellectual forum for academic staff and postgraduates working in the field of contemporary Indian studies and provide a base for research both for its members and in collaboration with other institutions. The Centre aims to serve as a focus for lectures, seminars, and other research events in the field, including collaborative research projects.

The CCIS welcomes links with other scholars, nationally and internationally. Information about the Centre’s activity is provided via a regularly updated website and a mailing list.

The Centre office is located on the University of Colombo premises.



To evolve and grow as an academic hub for promoting research and knowledge on contemporary India.



>> To develop knowledge in Sri Lanka on contemporary India through programs of research, teaching, student/staff exchange, and other academic activities that are not restricted to the University of Colombo.


>> To develop knowledge of India-Sri Lanka through programs of research, teaching, student/staff exchange, and other academic activities.


>> To provide Sri Lankan students, academics, and public business and foreign policy communities access to information on contemporary India and access to Indian institutions.


>> To develop institutional networks between India and Sri Lanka


>> To develop a library and IT-based resource on contemporary Indian studies


>> To provide a forum for guest lectures, seminars, conferences, and other academic events related to contemporary Indian studies


>> To develop a Distinguished Lecture Series


>> To develop a Visiting Scholars and Fellows program.


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