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Swachhata Campaign

India Post is poised to launch Special Campaign 3.0, signifying a decade of unwavering dedication to Swachhata (cleanliness) and marking a significant milestone in its mission to bring joy to every citizen. This initiative, under the Ministry of Communications, aligns with a decade of unrelenting efforts to uphold the principles of Janbhagidari (public participation) and promote Swachhata, as articulated in the Ministry’s official statement.

Special Campaign 2.0, which commenced on October 2 and concluded in August 2023, spotlighted the department’s endeavors in pursuit of the values of Janbhagidaari and Swachhta. Noteworthy accomplishments during the previous campaign included the closure of 840 electronic files, disposal of nearly six lakh physical files, sanitation of 24,000 sites, and the scrapping of materials valued at around 2.9 crore rupees, as detailed in the official statement. Furthermore, over 2,90,000 public grievances were addressed, and 1,13,289 square feet of space was reclaimed.

The campaign also introduced several best practices, including the adoption of eco-friendly seals instead of sealing wax, the use of wall art to convey ‘Swachhata’ messages, and the installation of solar power panels at DakBhawan, resulting in substantial energy savings.

As Special Campaign 3.0 unfolds in October 2023, India Post seeks to consolidate its decade-long Swachhata initiatives. The department aims to chart a course for the future, accentuating initiatives that can be executed in collaboration with stakeholders across the national postal network.

“Jan Chetana” and “Jan Bhagidaari” activities will involve communities around post offices, ensuring a participatory approach to enhancing services. India Post’s enduring commitment to Swachhata, sound governance, and Jan Bhagidaari continues to yield positive effects on both its service environment for customers and the working conditions for employees.

From December 2022 to August 2023, the Swachhata Campaign 3.0 has set a new benchmark in cleanliness and hygiene standards at 189 Higher Educational Institutions and paves the way for a brighter and healthier educational future. 


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